Black Wall Art Online

Our collection features so many wonderful pieces of art for you to buy. But when you think of art, you probably think about a kaleidoscope of colour, right? But would you ever consider buying black wall art? While you might think bright, bold colours are what you need to create that ‘wow factor’ in a space when it comes to art and design, a piece of black artwork can bring class, sophistication, style and a modern feel. You might be surprised by how striking black wall art online can look in your home. View the range of styles available at here Iconiko.

A Short History Of Black Artwork

Some of the greatest artists throughout history have utilised shades of black to create impressive artworks. Rembrandt, James McNeil Whistler, Edouard Manet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir all used blacks to express deep human emotions, strength, and drama. Vincent van Gogh used black lines to outline many objects in his paintings, and Russian painter Kasimir Malevich, created the ‘Black Square’ in 1915, which was considered the first purely abstract painting. The colour black was also appreciated by Henri Matisse. “When I didn’t know what colour to put down, I put down black,” he said in 1945. “Black is a force: I used black as ballast to simplify the construction … Since the impressionists, it seems to have made continuous progress, taking a more and more important part in colour orchestration, comparable to that of the double bass as a solo instrument”.

Black Wall Art & Feng Shui

Still not convinced a black artwork is right for your home? Well, if you’re a believer in Feng Shui, then adding a piece of black wall art could be just what you need. Black brings a protective and calm energy to a space of any size. You can also create good Feng Shui with black wall art, and it’s especially auspicious for what’s known as your career ‘Bagua’ or north area. Black art can also bring much-needed serenity if you have a busy room. Start your search for the perfect black artwork online today at Iconiko.

Go Back To Black

The best thing about black wall art is that it can add a sophisticated touch to basically any style of room. You don’t have to stress about matching colours or prints – black will work with any core colour, and even just accents of black can take your home from average to stylish and contemporary just like that. If you’re looking to buy black artwork online, then take a look at our range here at Iconiko today.