Blue Wall Art Online

There are so many benefits to buying a piece of blue wall art online from Iconiko. The colour blue is a versatile colour and brings about cool, calming, and peaceful qualities. Blue wall art can help to create a tranquil space for you to relax in, and different shades like sky blue can reflect light, so it can make your space seem larger than it is. Just take a look at the range of blue artwork online here at Iconiko.

Tips For Choosing Blue Artwork

One worry that a lot of people have about choosing blue wall art online, is that it’s too much of a ‘cool’ colour tone. If you’ve found blue wall art that you really love, but you worry about the coolness, one thing you can do is introduce complementary accessories in your room to balance this out. If you look at the colour wheel, orange is blue’s complementary colour, while red and yellow look great too. Adding a few accessories such as cushions or throws in these colours will be that pop of brightness and warmth your room needs. The shade of blue you choose can also make a big difference. Darker blues create an elegant feel, while deep blues are more soothing – so are great if you suffer from headaches or insomnia.

Blue Artwork & Feng Shui

Did you know that blue is considered a magnificent Feng Shui colour? It’s thought to bring the energies of calm, peace, relaxation and healing. An expression of the water Feng Shui element, there are particular areas of your home that could really benefit from the addition of the colour blue. In your home or office, you should consider adding blue wall art to the east ‘Bagua’ for health and family, or the southeast for wealth and abundance. When thinking about shades of blue, in Feng Shui light blue offers harmonious expansion and gentle growth. Dark blue, on the other hand, evokes the energy of deep calm, wisdom, and serenity. you’ll find the perfect blue artwork online today at Iconiko.

Brighten Up With Blue Wall Art

Also, when thinking about incorporating blue artwork, don’t feel scared about playing with textures. Because blue is a very natural colour, using textures like woods or wool can help to add something special to your room. A blue artwork with a wooden frame will look absolutely divine. If you’re looking to buy blue artwork online, then take a look at the Iconiko range today.