Yellow Wall Art Online

If you have a dark area in your home, or simply want to bring a bit more light and life to a space, you can’t go past yellow wall art. Yellow is considered to be one of the oldest colours in art history and evokes a sense of well-being and natural light while creating a feeling of hope, happiness, and wisdom. Airy, radiant, and atmospheric, a beautiful piece of yellow artwork can give you the feeling that everything is ok in the world. Want to add a splash of yellow into your home? You’re sure to find the perfect piece of yellow artwork online here at Iconiko.

A Quick History Of Yellow Artwork

Yellow is found in prehistoric cave paintings, and the ancient Egyptians and Romans are known to have often created yellow artwork. The colour was also worshipped by many religions, with their sun gods wearing yellow. In Christianity, yellow was usually the colour Judas wore, so it symbolised deceit and cowardice. That’s where the saying ‘yellow-belly’ comes from. For hundreds of years, yellow has been a popular colour among artists. Van Gogh, for example, used yellow in some of his most famous paintings, and Picasso and Renoir used yellow as contrast and highlight to bring out important elements in their paintings. You may also see many other modern artists using this same effect when you choose to buy yellow artwork online.

Yellow Wall Art & Feng Shui

Yellow is considered the darling of a good Feng Shui home, as an expression of the vital energy from the sun. Cheerful and welcoming, yellow artwork brings happiness and warmth to your home. The expression of the fire Feng Shui element, using yellow in your bedroom can bring gentle energy that is often needed in such an intimate space. Because it’s a fire element, it’s a great idea to put yellow wall art in the kitchen. It will bring an abundance of energy, and the colour yellow is also said to help aid in digestion. With yellow wall art online, you can help to make your kitchen – or any room in your house for that matter, look brighter and happier.

How Wonderful Yellow Is

Pablo Picasso once said, “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun”. No matter your taste or preference, you’re sure to find a piece of yellow wall art that brings joy, happiness and energy into your home. You can explore and buy yellow artwork online here at Iconiko.