Red Wall Art Online

The colour red carries heavy symbolism and meaning, which makes red wall art a striking addition in any space. It’s an emotionally charged colour and considered one of the boldest colours on the spectrum. A piece of red artwork will draw the viewer’s eye, quite often heightening our senses. Red also holds connotations of assertion, strength, physical power, outgoing, ambitfiousness, romance, excitement, vitality, and impulsiveness. You may feel that a piece of red artwork online will make an excellent background on an otherwise bland wall. If you’re ready to take the plunge and buy red artwork online, explore the stunning range here at Iconiko.

The Importance Of Red Artwork

Red is considered to be the first colour that humans mastered, recreated, and broke down into different shades and hues. So it’s no surprise that red artwork has been around since humanity’s earliest cave paintings, and it has continued to dominate our culture for centuries. The colour of blood and our hearts, red has symbolised love, fertility, fidelity, seduction, and immorality through many cultures. It’s also been the colour of revolution, joy, good fortune, and Christianity. It would seem that the colour red is associated with some of the happiest feelings in the world.

Red Artwork & Feng Shui

When choosing an artwork with one main colour, you want to choose one for its decorative beauty or to set the mood and/or express an emotion. When exploring red wall art online, you may want to think about how it relates to Feng Shui. In Chinese culture red is the colour of luck and happiness. In India, it’s the colour of marriage, and in the West it holds connections to love, romance, passion, and courage. In Feng Shui, red is a fire element and is a symbol of divine energy that is destructive and creative.You can buy red artwork online right now at Iconiko.