Teal Wall Art Online

Teal is not the most common colour, but a piece of teal wall art could make a stunning addition to your home décor. Teal is a bright, beautiful colour that combines the calming properties of blue, with the renewal qualities of green. Similar to turquoise and cyan, it is darker than both of those colours and is considered a tint of blue. The name comes from the common teal duck, with a stripe around its eyes and across its head. It is this stripe which is referred to as the colour teal. One look at a teal artwork, and you’ll be hooked. You can buy teal artwork online, right here at Iconiko.

The Modern History Of Teal

It is believed that the word teal was assigned to the colour, and first used in English, back in 1917.
In more modern times, teal was one of the initial group of HTML/CSS web colours, and it was created by turning down the brightness of cyan. While not a commonly used colour, as part of the cyan colours, teal is often used in branding and marketing (for areas such as communication, education, media, computer technology, and pharmaceuticals) because it’s considered a fun yet sophisticated colour that embodies cleanliness without being too sterile.

Why Choose Teal?

If you’re looking for a colour choice that’s classicly pretty yet muted, teal wall art could be perfect for you. Teal is quite often seen as a reserved, intuitive, and introverted colour. Quite unconventional, teal artwork would suit someone who likes colours and art that are a little bit different. You may want a piece of art that is more unique, but not too out-there. If you would like to add teal wall art to your home, then get inspired to buy teal artwork online at Iconiko.

Buy Teal Artwork Online

The other good thing about teal is, that just like its cyan cousins, it is a balanced colour that offers feelings of stability, harmony, nature, friendliness, and happiness. People who enjoy teal artwork are often reliable and independent people who are naturally creative and open-minded. By placing teal wall art in your home, you may find yourself feeling calm, so it is ideal if you’re looking to spend more time meditating or being creative.