White Wall Art Online

When many people think of art, they think of bright, bold colours. But white artwork is beautiful in its own right. Traditionally, the colour white represents purity, innocence, goodness, safety, cleanliness, simplicity, perfection, and freshness. And while you might think white is just white, you may be surprised by the dozens of shades of white that exist. Much like the paint section of your local hardware store, white artwork is always tinted in some way. When you look closely at white wall art you’ll start to notice subtle gradations of white. You’ll see it go from warm shades to cool, and there’s often a wide range of textures, lines, patterns, and shapes included in the artwork. Just take a look at the stunning white artwork online here at Iconiko.

A Brief History Of White Wall Art

White artwork became extremely popular in the 1950s, as a direct response to the emotional excesses of Abstract Expressionist artists like De Kooning and Pollock. Renowned Bauhaus artists including Josef Albers, and Minimal purist Frank Stella, believed that no greater attack could occur around the idea of art as a personal expression, than creating all-white wall art. It was like rebelling against art itself, and this reducing of art to just fields of colour, non-colour, or simple shapes, tended to make a lot of people very angry. But if you’re willing to buy white artwork online, you might just find yourself with a piece of artwork so raw and stripped bare, that it gives you the time to notice more of the subtleties within the work itself.

White Wall Art & Feng Shui

If the subtle gradations of white in white wall art has you thinking about opting for something bolder than what’s in our selection of white wall art online, let’s talk about what it could do for your Feng Shui. Belonging to the metal Feng Shui element, white is the colour of new beginnings, and clear endings. It’s believed that versatile white can help to brighten the energy of any challenging room, and it is highly recommended in any space where metal is dominant element. Do you have a space that could benefit from the balance of white art?

Buy White Artwork Online

The thing to remember when choosing white wall art online, is that a white artwork can create a strong statement in itself, and it is the ideal colour to blend seamlessly with any other colour, making it the perfect choice when you’re wanting to add to a large collection of art pieces that you already have. You can buy white artwork online here at Iconiko.