Buffalo Smoke


Man it’s cold out here!

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Select a size
60cm H x 80cm W
76cm H x 112cm W
91.5cm H x 130cm W
112cm H x 150cm W
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Select a frame
Boutique Gloss Black
Flat Matte Black
Flat Matte White
Flat Natural
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Description An artwork print of a buffalo blowing smoke on a grey background.
Framing I come framed in a boutique gloss black, flat matte white, flat matte black and flat natural frame.

I am framed using ethically sourced timber and high quality acrylic.

I can be made in different sizes or frames to better suit your walls, so please email us to make this happen – makemedifferent@iconiko.com.au.

Printing I am printed on high quality acrylic using fancy pants UV print technology.
Sizing Just to let you know the sizes listed here are my print size and not my external size. For my external size our brainy FAQ page will give you all the insight you need to know on how big I really am. To make me smaller or bigger email at  – makemedifferent@iconiko.com.au.
Hanging I arrive ready to meet my wall. I also come with some protectors to ensure that your wall and me get along nicely.
 Shipping  As I am made with love down under I usually ship within 14 days from the date you pick me.