Down the Path

This piece is a celebration of colour and all the colours I see when going for my hikes along our amazing coastline. Going for hikes and long walks is one of my favourite things to do, so I added in the little path for those other hikers out there who love to immerse themselves in
nature and are in awe of the natural beauty we have along our coastlines.


Acrylic on canvas

Tasmanian Oak Float Frame


43 cm H x 43 cm W

Artist – Nic Everist 

Nic Everist is a landscape artist based in Geelong. Her work documents her lived experience through the medium of landscape painting, connecting her inner world with her outside surroundings. Nic’s technique of pouring paint onto canvas creates organic marks that replicate the organic formations in nature itself. This element of abstract mark making combined with detailed brushstrokes lending to realism are defining features of her work.

Nic uses her creative practice to unravel personal ideas and stories that are resolved through her explorations in nature and throughout the painting process. She hopes by sharing these inner reflections through the medium of landscape painting, she can connect with others who seek the solace of nature for their own healing.


Home Grown is a show that is nurturing, personable, and proud to be Geelong.