One of three hot drinks, tea brings calm into my home – something I need after a long day. Most things can be cured with good tea and a chat.


Acrylic on wooden-board

Shadowbox frame (Oak)


33cm H x 28cm W

Artist – Abby Lee

AbbyLee (AbbySleep) is a 25-year-old acrylic artist who was raised in the country town of Warracknabeal, now residing in the city of Geelong. Abby is an intuitive painter whois fascinated by colour and movement throughout each of her artworks. Her paintings are inspired by Australian wildflowers and vibrant colours that are found in the everyday. Abby currently prefers to practice still life of ceramics and botanica on woodenboard, whilst switching between her love for colourful gum-leaf abstracts. From a young age, painting has been a safe location for Abby to reconcile with her thoughts and memories.


Home Grown is a show that is nurturing, personable, and proud to be Geelong.