Birds & Animal Wall Art

Find the perfect piece of animal or birds wall art here at Iconiko. Whether you’re looking to update your home decor or buy animal artwork online that will complement your current art collection, you have so much to choose from here at Iconiko. Animals and birds not only look great on art, but they can give you a gorgeous colour palette to work from. And once you have an animal artwork that you really love, you can build up your design aesthetic from there. The right animal wall art could inspire the design of an entire room or even your whole home. Need inspiration? Just take a look at the stunning range of animal and birds artwork online now.

Incorporating Animal Wall Art

Once you’ve chosen a piece of animal wall art online, use it to determine the colour scheme you should use in your room. You should be able to draw three or four colours from the wall art. Once you have colour, look at adding patterns or shapes. For example, if you have an animal artwork that uses different shades of brown, you can use these in your couch cushions or find a rug or curtains that share some of the same colours. Patterns can also be fun. If you’ve chosen an African animal print, you can easily incorporate spots and stripes and don’t be afraid to play with texture!

Explore Birds In Artwork Online

Inspired by bird wall art? That’s great! Birds are renowned for their beautiful colours, and this can also be a great starting block for decorating a room. Take for example an artwork that features a peacock. The male peacock’s iridescent tail feathers are typically blue and green, and their eye markings contain blue, gold, red, and some other hues. This gives you a lovely colour palette to work with that is not too overpowering. You don’t have to cover your entire space with just blue and green. You could choose a blue or green couch, but then you could really bring it to life with some gold, red, or brown cushions, and these will all fit with your peacock wall art.

All Creatures Great & Small

The same theory can be applied if you prefer a different type of animal or bird. Simply look up the colours that are often associated with your creature of choice, and then you can start decorating with a clear colour palette in mind. Looking to buy animal artwork online or buy birds artwork online – you’ll find it here at Iconiko.